Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Importance of Ghazals in Urdu Language

Ghazal is one of the best corner stone of Poetry. The trend of ghazal has been started from ancient Iran in 10th century. The roots of the Urdu ghazal come from Persian “Qasida” and unique part of the qasida known as tashbib.

With the help of ghazals, poets convey a real message and it is too short in its length. Mostly the unique ghazals is written only seven to eight verses .Due to its Shortness, thematic variety, brevity and high scope Qasida become a most popular poetic form in Iran.

 When the Muslims influence from 12th century; the ghazals spurred its wings and at that time Mughals bore their civilization and culture regarding poetry and literature, so Urdu poetry become great influenced accordingly. When the Mughals known that Urdu is the language of culture, civilization and the mixture of Indian subcontinent then they try to grow and develop the elements of Urdu poetry and literature.

Ghazals originated with Amir Khusro from (1253-1325) in Northern Indian Subcontinent. In early stages Ghazal got the popularity in Deccan and afterwards it is sophisticated in the court of Bijapur under the Muslims ruler.

 Initially the Urdu ghazals grow with great efforts of our famous poets like Mirza Asad Ullah Khan Ghalib, Meer Dard, Quli Qutab shah, Zauq, Sauda and many more. 

 Nowadays the great inventions and newly dimensions of daily lives of love, Ghazals gained more popularity.

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